Carrier Setup

Carrier Setup



What is included: Included in Carrier Configuration is the ability to dial out on a carrier on a single server. (This does not include setting up DIDs, Ingroups, or Campaigns, nor does it include training.) We will configure the outbound carrier and verify that it works with both manual dial and auto-dial campaigns and direct from phones (if desired). Upon completion, we will provide you with the Dial Prefix for the carrier (which you may specify during ordering if you prefer!). You may also specify the “Carrier Name” which will show under admin->carriers in your system.

Types of Carrer Configuration:This item can also be used to request Failover or Rollover. Note that each of these is a distinct billable item. Carriers must exist before we can configure failover or rollover. Failover = Send failed calls to a 2nd (or 3rd) carrier. Rollover = Set a limit of XX channels per carrier and when that limit is exceeded, send excess calls to a 2nd (or 3rd) carrier. We do not yet have a “balance” version (because no one has paid us to develop “Balance Carriers”, of course).

For fastest service be sure to provide full access to the carrier site if they have one (including the Secret Answer if there is a Secret Question), and be sure to have completed any formalities on the Carrier site (such as agreeing to any terms), as we are not able to perform this task for you.


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