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What is CyburDial, & how can it save your business money?

CyburDial is a complete cloud based business management & operations platform. Its core is a secure, private telephone network(PBX) & CRM, with an expanded range of capabilities, such as:

Outbound/inbound calling, surveys and press one campaigns, soundboards & avatars, a complete QC module with checkpoint scorecards, SMS, E-mail, chat, IVR, API integrations, workflows, automations & more!

Why us? Because we are a cyber security firm first, and a telecommunications business, second. So combined with our data security policies(IP whitelist) and 2 factor authentication capabilities, your data IS secure.

Call center
Call center

How will this save you money?

  1. Host your company website > No more hosting costs
  2. Host your dialer in house: No more dialer hosting costs
  3. PBX System: Eliminate the need for phone service from AT&T or whoever(Keep your current numbers)
  4. Production: Keep track of production with time clock features, CRM integration, tracking sales and cost/profits of individual agents(Is the juice worth the squeeze?)
  5. Dialer Cost: Can be charged per minute(as low as 0.009 per min) or Flat rate $85 per agent
  6. Free tech support for 30 days with initial setup!

Live Demo Available now with Manager and Agent Logins.

Have customers talk to your agents directly through your business website.

Some of the new features of Vicidial:


Let us build you a custom dialer solution that YOU own, not rent.