How to – Turn on IP whitelist in Vicidial

How to – Turn on IP whitelist in Vicidial

IP Lists

How to – Turn on IP whitelist in Vicidial

Step 1 – Enable IP List

Login to the admin panel and then go to system settings

Admin -> System Settings

Scroll down to “Allow IP Lists” and enable it by setting it to “1”

Admin > System Settings > Allow IP List -> 1

Step 2 – Go to the Admin user(6666) and enable access

Go down to the bottom of the user setting screen and set “Modify IP Lists” to 1(good idea to ignore ip list for yourself)

Modify IP Lists = 1

Step 3 – Turn on whitelist for the user groups you want to limit access

Go to user groups > scroll down to whitelist settings

Enable for User groups

Step 4 – Go back into admin section and click IP Lists to add IP’s

Click IP lists
Make sure to add your IP’s to the list

Thats it, you have now enabled IP whitelist access only. Make sure to update your crontab entries for from –blacklist to –whitelist=ViciWhite and such like so:

Make sure you tune in for tomorrow’s live session to learn how to start using the built in dynamic portal and keeping your systems secure.


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