How to – Create an IVR for inbound calls

How to – Create an IVR for inbound calls


How to – Create an IVR for inbound calls

In this article I am going to over how to create an inbound call menu or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for ViciDial which will help reduce your drop percent to help you legally within the 3% drop rate for the USA or 5% drop rate for Canada, by way of the FCC guidelines.

Step 1 – Create the call menu

Login to the admin GUI for ViciDial and click “inbound” then “add a new call menu” as shown below., then name your call menu. (For this example, I named it IVR)

add a new call menu
Add a new call menu

Step 2 – Setup your basic IVR options

Now we are going to setup the top portion on the call menu/IVR. Assuming you have already created your audio recording for your IVR and added it to the audio store, select that file at the “Menu Prompt” option. You can also fill out your timeout prompt, invalid prompt and other options as shown below:

IVR Options
IVR Options

Step 3 – Create your IVR options

Now we will select a few common IVR options to add to your call menu. For this example I have given options to 1) leave a voicemail message, 2) be transferred to a live agent, 3) Be added to the Do Not call list or #) to play the options again. See below:

IVR selections
IVR Selections

Step 4 – Route unanswered Inbound calls to IVR

The final step is to add this IVR/Call menu to your inbound calls when your agents aren’t available. For this you need to go to your inbound ingroup and change your “call time” and no agent queueing/after hours options to reflect the picture below:

Set the call menu for the inbound calls

This articles assumes you know how to already setup the other parts needed for this such as creating audio recordings, uploading them to the audio store and setting up inbound groups. If you have any questions feel free to visit our skype live chat. Hopefully this helps some of you that have been asking me about this.

-Chris aka carpenox

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