CyburDial Website Scavenger Hunt

CyburDial Website Scavenger Hunt

CyburDial's scavenger hunt

CyburDial Website Scavenger Hunt

Contest Rules:

  1. Contestants must visit CyburDial’s website at
  2. They will be provided with a list of specific key phrases or features to find on the website.
  3. Participants must navigate through the website to locate these phrases or features. Each discovery will earn them points.
  4. The first contestant or team to successfully find all the required items or accumulate the most points within the set time limit wins the contest.

Key Phrases and Features to Find:

  1. “Avoiding DNC Violations” – How does CyburDial help businesses avoid costly DNC violations?
  2. “Customer Follow-ups” – What is CyburDial doing to help advance your business customer follow up?
  3. “CyburDial Logo” – Why did CyburDial choose the Phoenix for it’s logo? What’s the story behind it?
  4. “Data Protection” – What are 5 ways that CyburDial protects your data?
  5. “Quality Control Module” – Find the video for this on our YouTube channel or website and tell us how it works.
  6. “AI-Driven Solutions” – What does CyburDial’s AI numbers feature accomplish? How high of a percent of accuracy does CyburDial’s Answering Machine Detection reach?

Scoring and Evaluation:

  • Participants earn points for each correctly identified key phrase or feature.
  • A panel of judges will verify the discoveries and calculate the final scores.


  • The contestant or team with the highest score will be declared the winner and receive a 2 week trial account with full access to CyburDial and all of it’s features.
  • or
  • $50 dollars cash – must have cashapp or PayPal

The winner will be announced as soon as the first person or team accomplishes all the goals. Contest expires Sunday evening at 8:00 PM EST on November 5th 2023.

How to win:

Once you find all of the answers or as many as you can, just login and comment down below with your answers.

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