Why do my agents say paused when they are on a live call?

Why do my agents say paused when they are on a live call?

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Why do my agents say paused when they are on a live call?

Why do your agents say paused while still on a live call? The simple answer is Google. Yes Chrome has enabled a more complex JavaScript throttling which you can read more about on ViciDial’s docs section here. There’s a few ways to fix this problem. One is to just use webphones and it won’t happen. The second is to enable hidden sounds in system settings and finally, the third is to change Agent Screen Timer from “setTimeout” to “EventSource”

Option 1 – Use WebPhones(WebRTC)

Just install and use webphones which you can do following these directions.


Option 2 – Enable hidden sounds

Within System Settings you can enable a feature called hidden sounds. You set a volume which doesn’t matter because it’s silent but I chose 25 and then set the timer for how long. Then set the sound of not auto selected but choose “click_quiet”. Now with Google’s new throttling settings which will time you out as early as 10 seconds, set this to 5 as shown below:

Option 3 – Change “Agent Screen Timer”

Change the Agent Screen Timer from setTimeout to EventSource in system settings as shown below:

Agent Screen Timer

This can also be changed to “setTimeoutAudioLoop” of the first change didn’t help.

Hopefully one of these 3 options will help you get back to business as usual. When your ready to have a custom system built with full CRM integrations and API features gone over with you one by one figuring out how we can make your business more efficient and profitable then join my chat and one of our trips will help you get started or fill out this form and someone will reach out to you. I hope this has helped.

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