What does – The statuses at the bottom of each list mean?

What does – The statuses at the bottom of each list mean?

List statuses

What does – The statuses at the bottom of each list mean?

List Statuses Breakdown

In this article, I will go over what the list statuses mean in relation to reporting. What I’m talking about is at the bottom of each list as shown in the picture below:

List statuses

All of these different statuses can become pretty confusing, especially because they are not all on the agent screen and some are not even on the system statuses either which becomes really challenging. Ok so let’s stay from the to, I’ll outline them all on a simple “List” layout.

  • A – Answering machine disposition marked by an agent
  • AA – Answering machine disposition automatically detected by the AMD(Answering Machine Detection) system
  • AB – Busy signal automatically detected by the carrier
  • ADC – Disconnected number detected by carrier
  • ADCT – Congested number reported by carrier
  • B – Busy disposition marked by agent
  • CallBK – Agent setup a callback which can be done in there agent interface and a calendar down to them
  • CBHold – Scheduled ANYONE callback that has not hit it’s trigger, or an AGENTONLY callback
  • DAIR – Dead air dispo marked by an agent, usually because they hear nothing when they get the call
  • DC – Disconnected number marked by an agent
  • Dec – Declined sale dispo marked by agent because customer denied ever purchasing anything from your business
  • DNC – Do Not Call dispo marked by agent, usually requested by customer
  • DNCL – Do Not Call dispo automatically marked by system because a number already marked DNC was in there Hopper
  • ERI – Agent error – usually closes browser accidentally or logs out accidentally, or similar

The next 5 dispos are related to KHOMP AMD also used with a 3rd party service called AI AMD(Artificially Intelligent Answering Machine Detection) If interested in this message me via Skype -:- live:carpenox_3 | Back to the list statuses

  • N – No Answer dispo marked by the agent, usually because no one answered the phone
  • NA – No Answer dispo automatically detected, Any outbound call that does not receive an Answer signal(or other signal) from the carrier. This can include ring-no-answer, disconnected, carrier congestion and other errors
  • New – New Lead, never called
  • NI – Not Interested dispo marked by agent
  • NP – No Pitch No Price dispo marked by agent, didn’t get a chance to read the pitch and/or give the price
  • Sale – Agent closed the call and made the sale

The last thing I want to go over is the other columns, “called”, “not called”, “dialable” and”penetration”.

  • Called – The number of leads dialed since the lists last reset
  • Not Called – The amount of leads not called since last reset
  • Dialable – How many of the “Not Called” leads are dialable at that time, in my example you’ll see 0 because when I took that screen shot I was outside of allowed call times for that campaign or list. So it shows you dialable leads within time zone parameters
  • Penetration – Some dispos get the lead marked as “completed”, such as Sale, DNC, Not interested, etc. So as leads with a completed status get marked, it takes those out of rotation and calculated what percent along with all the rest of the dispositions and puts it as penetrated

Campaign List Statuses

The other place you’ll see a similar layout of statuses is at the bottom of any campaign. I’ll go over what this means as well. Below is a picture to help you follow along:

As you can see above it looks very similar to the results on the bottom of each list, except this combines all active lists on the campaign and shows you only called and not called results. What this means is the numbers next to each dispo for the called campaign have all been dialed since the last reset of the lists attached and active, and the same for the not called except those numbers are how many leads have not been dialed since the last lists reset.

I hope this article has helped some of you that may have been confused about this past of the system, comment below or join our chat: https://join.skype.com/ujkQ7i5lV78O of you have any questions.

Chris aka carpenox

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