Tired of TCPA Lawsuits? We can help you today!

Tired of TCPA Lawsuits? We can help you today!

How much do you know about TCPA(Telephone Consumer Protection Act) laws? My guess would be that you know the basics, that it’s real and you have most likely already experienced a lawsuit or 10. Well, we have some good news for you, we can help you stop all TCPA lawsuits today! Our cloud based predictive dialers are within the law and are not considered an auto dialer. Our dialers use special algorithms to automatically change the speed of the dialer based on how many agents are waiting for calls. We can fine tune these settings for you to get it set where you never have to touch your “Ratio” number again. On top of that, by using our predictive mode, you will not be breaking the laws as they refer to the TCPA. Read the article below to find out how telemarketers are winning lawsuits against TCPA litigators by using our dialers!



MAJOR UPDATE: The US Supreme court ruled the definition of an ATDS which predictive dialers do NOT fall under: https://tinyurl.com/tcpawin

You know what I have to say about this? Get a REAL job TCPA litigators, especially you Stewart Abramson, go F@#K yourself!

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