Campaign/Inbound Group/Call Menu/IVR Setup

Campaign/Inbound Group/Call Menu/IVR Setup



What is NOT included: This does not include setting up the Carrier or any Destination such as Phones, nor does it include training. It will only include a single Ingroup/Call Menu/Campaign, not a combination of them. This charge is Per Ingroup or Per Call Menu or Per Campaign. Audio conversion is not included, the standard fee for audio conversion is $25 per recording plus $25 per “split” to break a recording into pieces suitable for the Vicidial system (if we are provided with a single recording which must be broken into multiple recordings). The precise recording format is listed on the Audio Store page to avoid audio conversion fees. Custom MOH is not included.

Ingroup Configuration is the ability to accept a call from a single inbound DID (one DID configuration is included with Ingroup configuration, there is no discount for omitting the DID configuration) and route that call to an Ingroup which will be allowed in at least one Campaign (the campaign(s) must already be functional or paid for separately). You must specify which Campaign(s). Calls may also be configured to arrive in the Ingroup from Transfers (which requires a list of Campaigns allowed to transfer to the Ingroup) and/or from one or more Call menus (which must already be configured or paid for separately). While an Ingroup does not require a recording, it can include one at any one of various stages of the call. Default configuration includes the pre-recorded “your call is very important to us” which plays if there is not an agent available within the first few seconds to take the call, then Music On Hold kicks in. Default Music on Hold is available (and active by default).

Campaign Configuration includes the ability to generate calls from a single campaign (manual dial, auto-dial, or survey). One list upload is included with Campaign configuration, there is no discount for omitting the list upload. If the campaign is a Survey, we require three recordings (or the scripts for them, or permission to make them up for you, or instructions to omit any specific one): 1) The outbound message. 2) Opt-In Message, such as “Please hold while we connect you to one of our Experiences Associates”. 3) Opt-Out Message, such as “Your number has been removed from our list. Goodbye.”

Call Menu/IVR Configuration is the ability to accept a call from any DID (or specific other internal sources, such as other call menus, which must already exist or be paid for separately) and route that call to one or several other (also pre-existing or paid for separately) location(s). You should specify the source from which to route calls to the call menu, unless you intend to do so after we complete the call menu configuration. You should also specify all the destinations and which buttons will route where. You can also specify a single time of day range during which calls are accepted (all other times will reject calls), and where to send calls if outside this time span. You should also specify what should happen if a button is pressed that is not an option (“invalid” entry), such as repeat the menu or send to a specific “operator” extension or send to an Ingroup. You should also include where the call should be sent if NO buttons are pressed. If the menu is expected to repeat, please state how many times. (Of course, all of this is editable after the completion.) Call Menus do require audio: Please supply an audio file in the proper format (shown on the Audio Store page) or a script or permission to create one for you based on your other configuration requests. You should also state whether you want “direct extension dialing” to be available during the call menu (and include the phrase “if you know the extension of the party you are trying to reach, you may dial it now” in your audio). If we are to provide the audio, please at least provide the company name to include (ie: “You have reached Asterisk Academy Warehouse, please press 1 to speak to an operator …”.)


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