How to – Use Vicidial API’s

How to – Use Vicidial API’s

API User

This is going to be an ongoing project to explore each api function and how to use it over a period of time. First I will start with the basics. Lets create an API User

How to – Use Vicidial API’s

Added: 12-29-20

Creating an API User

Login to the Administration Page, click Users > Add A New User

Fill in the fields as shown above with your own information(user number)

Hit Submit

Scroll down to the bottom of that user and change the API settings according to your needs

I use the List restrict but you don’t have to

After you hit submit here, you have now created the API user for whichever API process you are going to be using.

Non Agent API Functions & examples

Added: 12-29-20

Function: add_lead

Requirements: user level: 8 / Modify Leads = 1

Required Settings: phone_number, phone_code, list_id, source

Objective: Live Leads

Below is an example of what link to send your lead to

This can then be used for a form to supply live leads. Below is an example I have created in WordPress.

This is inputted in a plugin called XYZ PHP Code

Then this code below is on a regular wordpress page

And then the end result looks like this:

This is just a simple form to submit data into vicidial and have them instantly added into the queue to be dialed if you have that list active and agents ready to take the call. If you have any questions about this, hit me up on Skype: live:carpenox_3

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Added: 01-08-21

Function: call_dispo_report

Requirements: user level = 9 / View Reports = 1

Required Fields(At least 1): campaigns, ingroups, or dids

Options settings:

Objective: Give reports for live transfers to show sales and transfers from a date range

This function is pretty easy to implement and is being used to give access to company that is being paid for live transfers and would like a report with live stats updates instead of having to run a report through vicidial

Once someone calls this API function, it reports back like this:

This can then be used “as is” or it can be brought into a CRM or live reports screen for the business sending over the live transfers.

Added: 02-04-2021

Function: campaigns_list

Requirements: user level = 7

Required Field: source

Options settings:

Objective: To show settings for campaigns

Here is an example structure:

And below is an example output:


This will only output the campaigns for the permission levels of the APi user’s, user group.

Hopefully this helps. Required version number for this API: 2.14

Which API function would you like to see how to use? Examples can be provided for both agent and non agent API’s. Comment below for a request.



Hello . I have some campaigns and i want to fetch those and show it in the UI , through the vicidial Non Agent API url . But when i try to hit the point , it throws me ‘Error : No Function Specified’. Please Help


One more question was that , what is my source . I mean as i can see you have passed the source in the API URL as ‘LiveTransfers’ . So , how can i determine what my source is ?


Hi Nox,
I have an script to insert lead info for 3rd party for whom we are making calls. This API call returns an reference no which i would lkie to use and update the lead vendor code once they lick submit and return the reference. Would you please show and example how to do that?

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