How to – Integrate STIR/SHAKEN into Vicidial

How to – Integrate STIR/SHAKEN into Vicidial


How to – Integrate STIR/SHAKEN into Vicidial

This document(written by Matt Florell) covers the TILTX SHAKEN (Call Shaper) API service features and how they integrate into VICIdial.

NOTE: you will need to use the VICIdial svn/trunk revision 3449 or higher on all servers in your cluster to use this feature.

What is the TILTX SHAKEN (Call Shaper) API service?

This service requires an AGI script to be run before each call is placed through your dialer(agi-TILTX_SHAKEN.agi). It will tag the call with SIP Headers with the "X-TILTX-ID", "Identity" and "CAID" values that TILTX returns so your carrier can route the call properly. There are also optional service features that allow for a National Do-Not-Call(DNC) list check and a Disconnected-number check, as well as CallerID Number validation/replacement "NumberRisk" service.

Reference TILTX URLs:

How to set up TILTX Call Shaper on your VICIdial system:

REQUIREMENT 1: To use this feature, you will have to get a valid API Key from TILTX and create a new VICIdial Settings Container entry with the Container ID of "TILTX_SHAKEN_API_KEY", and place only the TILTX API key into the Container Entry.

REQUIREMENT 2: You will need to have the VICIdial svn/trunk revision 3449 or higher installed on all servers in your VICIdial cluster.

REQUIREMENT 3: You will need to put a similar dialplan entry into your Carrier Dialplan BEFORE the line where the call is placed out through your carrier:
			exten => _91NXXNXXXXXX,n,AGI(/var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/agi-TILTX_SHAKEN.agi,${EXTEN:-10}-----${CALLERID(num)}-----YES-----)

		NOTE: Here are the configurable CLI flags for the above AGI script:
		  1. Phone number being called (USE DIALPLAN VARIABLE like '${EXTEN:-10}')
		  2. CallerID number being sent with call (USE DIALPLAN VARIABLE like '${CALLERID(num)}')
		  3. (YES/NO) whether to speak error messages or not, default 'NO'
		  4. Settings Container ID(override) to use for TILTX API settings, default 'TILTX_SHAKEN_API_KEY' if empty

New VICIdial statuses used: (if you are these subscribed to TILTX services)
ADCCAR - Disconnect Carrier-Defined
DNCCAR - DNC Carrier-Defined

Advanced Options:

You can override the hard-coded TILTX Call Shaper API "" by adding a second line to the Settings Container that looks like the following:


Advanced Debug:

To see that the SIP Headers are being set properly, add the following line to your dialplan(extensions.conf after the 8368 "Playback" line), then reload your Asterisk dialplan and place a test call through the campaign detail screen:

exten => 8368,n,Verbose("X-CIDNAME:${SIP_HEADER(X-CIDNAME)}, X-TILTX-ID:${SIP_HEADER(X-TILTX-ID)}, Identity:${SIP_HEADER(Identity)}, CAID:${SIP_HEADER(CAID)}")

How do I get an API key for this?

That’s easy, send an email over to and they will set you up.

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