How to – Fix the firewall on Vicibox10

How to – Fix the firewall on Vicibox10


How to – Fix the firewall on Vicibox10

So there is a major problem with Vicibox10 where the VB-firewall when used, will totally lock you out the system and I finally figured out how to fix the problem. Its rather simple actually and I hope this helps all of you out there that have been wanting to try Asterisk 16 on Vicibox10.

Step 1 – Edit the VB-firewall file

We need to edit the VB-firewall file at /usr/bin/VB-firewall

  • nano /usr/bin/VB-firewall
  • scroll down until you see $IPBLACK=’blacknets’; # IPSet blacklist IP and change it to $IPBLACK=’dynamiclist’; # IPSet blacklist IP
$IPBLACK='blacknets'; # IPSet blacklist IP
Change to $IPBLACK=’dynamiclist’;

Step 2 – Run the Vb-firewall with the whitelist and dynamic list

  • /usr/bin/VB-firewall –dynamic –white

The first time you run this command you may get an error, make sure to run it again as you see below:

Fixing VB-firewall on Vicibox10

Step 3 – Change the crontab entry to dynamic list and whitelist

### ViciBox integrated firewall, by default just load the VoIP Black list and reload it every 4 hours
### You can lock everyone out of your server if you set this wrong, so understand what you are doing!!!
@reboot /usr/bin/VB-firewall --dynamic --whitelist=ViciWhite
* * * * * /usr/bin/VB-firewall --dynamic --whitelist-ViciWhite

That’s all there is to it. Fell free to join our live chat support on Skype if you have any questions or comments:

-Chris aka carpenox

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