Not sure what type of dialer will work the best for your business? Here are some short definitions to help you understand better. If you are unsure or need help deciding what type of dialer to use, call us now: 844-727-2822

Predictive Dialer

It is a type of auto dialer that works on an algorithm, and that helps in utilizing the agent availability to the maximum by call routing.

Auto Dialer

Auto dialer is a cloud-hosted dialer that automatically dials from the list of uploaded numbers to outreach promising leads.

Progressive Dialer

It automatically dials the uploaded numbers in progression cutting down the agent efforts to a substantial level.

Preview Dialer

It helps agents with a preview of some customer information so that they could prepare themselves before speaking with the individual customers.

Power Dialer

It leaves out the unproductive numbers such as unattended, busy, disconnected ones and picks the next number to dial it immediately.